Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello Twitter!

So long ago when twitter first came out my husband convinced me to get one. I was on the job market and he thought it would be a good way to get my name out there. Well that's not how I got my job and I fell out of the twitter world after 8 twitter posts. In the last six months my husband convinced me to at least hit the "forgot my password" button. After 3 years of twitter abandonment I logged in. My goal was to start following some people and get it going but the motivation just wasn't there. Once I found out that this class was going to be all about building a PLN I decided it's time to get serious.

So here we go first step to getting twitter up and running again: figure out what I am doing :)! These tips helped me get started in thinking about who and how to follow someone. Then I headed to a wikki full of educational twitter people.. my first click was a failure. A first grade teacher with one tweet from 2009, but hey this boosted my self esteem in the twitter world... I have 12 tweets! However after searching through many educators, skimming posts, and clicking on links I found some good educators to follow. I noticed someone had retweeted a link from a common core hashtag. As I clicked to find a list of several great articles via the #commoncore, I thought can I follow a hashtag. I poke my husband, "silly question but can I follow a hashtag?" With the roll of his eyes he shows me a few more features of twitter. You can save searches, which is, in a sense, a way to save hashtags. It is not necessarily following though, because it will not display in my feed. Common core is obviously a hot topic. In our school K-2 is teaching common core full force. We are learning as we go, we are adapting our report card, and we are struggling through the assessment pieces. This hashtag has numerous resources!

Through my searching and reading I came across the Global Read Aloud project. We were just talking about Charlotte's Web the other day at school and so I am challenging myself not only to find time to read this book aloud but get my kids involved as well. It is setup on a wikki. The reading starts on October 1st. Everyone that is reading can add to the wikki. I am looking forward to this exciting adventure. I am so excited to find such a neat technology project on my first night of twitter.

Once I get the hang of twitter and begin using it more, my husband promises to show me some other aspects or ways to use twitter. Through a twitter post I also found this link on how to best make use of twitter. I think I will hang on to these tutorials for when I am ready to become an expert.