Saturday, July 14, 2012

Grant Search!

Okay so I am going to have to be completely honest... for the 3rd day in a row I have attempted to sort through several pages of "available" grants. Tonight I forced myself not to give up and 2 hours later I feel pretty empty handed. I found a few possibilities, but nothing I head over heels excited about :( First of all I would like to mention that Lowes has some great local opportunities, in fact there were 3 olathe schools and a KC school that received money just in this last year. However, our focus is technology.
My most successful find was Adopt-A-Classroom. I did sign up and have 2 projects listed, however I HATE asking for money so I have been too timid to put on facebook. This is a great alternative to Donors Choose... in the past I have tried that site and it was all but failure. Donors Choose focuses on low income schools and you have a certain number of "credits" to use. Adopt a Classroom is a much simpler way to raise money for the classroom, but requires you to do some advertising!
The other place I found, just through googling Kansas Grants for Schools, was K-12 School Grants. This site provided 3 local grants that I am eligible for (well not entirely sure about the Boeing grant). The sprint grant said that it focused on Character Education, but I am not entirely sure what the entails. The Pentair seemed to be the easiest to understand and apply for.
One last grant that I found to be a possibility was the Toshiba Leading Innovation grant. This one was divided K-5 with a separate application if you are 6-12. Looking at the past projects many of them are very concentrated on Science.
Maybe I am too pessimistic, but I feel very unsuccessful in my search. I am excited to see if my colleagues had better results!

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